I could write several paragraphs about my passions and other assorted nonsense about me as a photographer, but in reality there’s only a short list of what I think is important to me as and individual and as a photographer. Everything else is a distraction.

I combine my unconditional love of art history with my conditional love of technology, and I spruce it up with a bit of cinematic styling. I’m obsessed with beauty and I want everything to be perfect.

I shoot portraits, editorial, advertising, still life and product and I’ve collaborated with many Chicago artists on editorial and portrait work.

I was born in Nuremberg, Germany and never moved anywhere until I made the leap to the United States in 1997 – my dad was an engineer and my mom a homemaker – I always wanted to be an engineer, just like my dad – however, my teachers thought I should become a factory worker – in school, I was the class clown, most of the time bored to death, and plagued with ADHD – I got my first 6×6 bellows camera from my grandpa when I was 12 and I traded it in for a Kodak Instamatic … a mistake that I still regret – I ignored the factory worker future and became an engineer – I always dabbled in photography convinced that art and engineering are like Yin & Yang – I am fascinated by people and their faces – I’m a cat person – I like micro brews – I’m a wrist watch geek – I am fast and furious and the “H” in ADHD is now gone …